Happy senior couple in love. Isolated on white.Dr. Iheoma and Jeso Dental also specialize in general dentistry, restorative dentistry for damaged, decayed or implants for missing teeth using lasers. We utilize the latest techniques in dentistry and we have the newest in laser dentistry to offer our patients! Get top Philadelphia Dentistry Services at Jeso Dental. We offer specials for new patients and are among the top laser dentists in the region.
There are several advantages to using laser dentistry and millions of people have now been treated with laser dental equipment. No more drilling!

Laser Dentistry Advantages
  1. More Control and Precision
  2. Less Time Compared to Traditional Dental Operations
  3. Less Bleeding and Stitching
  4. Reduced Tissue Damage
  5. Reduced Need for Anesthesia
  6. Reduced Length of Recovery

We encourage you to browse our dentistry services, and then call for a consultation. Using the latest methods and high-quality materials, we can give you the bright, healthy, natural-looking smile you never thought possible.