implantsLet Dr. Iheoma perform oral surgery in a delicate manner that is less painful than dentists you may have used in the past. We specialize in oral surgery and with a “soft touch” to help our patients have a perfect smile. Oral surgery may be necessary for several reasons and Dr. Iheoma will diagnoses and custom devise a solution to fit your dental needs.

Here are the top reasons our patients come to us for oral surgery.

Impacted teeth
Missing teeth
Need for dental implants
Emergency services
Jaw related problems -unequal jaw growth – TMJ

If you believe you may have one of the above conditions, come in for a checkup today and let Jeso Dental evaluate, recommend and implement a solution for you. Oral surgery doesn’t have to be painful and we use the top techniques recommended in the industry to make your smile better than before. A gentle, nurturing doctor like Dr. “I” can make all the difference between a painful dental experience and a pleasurable one. We have special rates for children and seniors and we can quickly evaluate most dental problems.Our staff will explain each procedure and customize the dental treatment for you that fits your lifestyle and budget. We offer several payment plans and can accommodate most insurance plans.